When heedfully auricularly discerning developers verbalize about databases you will customarily aurally perceive buzz words like robust, scalable, efficient, etc. Discussions will fixate on the puissance of the DBMS (DataBase Management System) and how it integrates with other technologies. In our case, however, we don’t authentically care about most of those things. Instead, we are going to be visually examining the cost of getting commenced, implements, the utilized interface, and availability of avail, especially avail for the abecedarian.

Database engines are marginally like the datasets they work with. There’s lots of them.

The database ranking website DB-Engines gives a great overview of the market by charting the popularity of proximate to 200 different databases. We decided to take a more proximate visually examine their top ten DBs.

In the list below we’ll verbalize briefly about each DBMS, give you some pros and cons, and show you how to download and get commenced with each of them.

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